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Preventive Measures

Preventive Measures

Oral Health Program

Individuals with healthy teeth and gums typically undergo a periodic review and cleaning every six months. These routine assessments enable the dentist to ensure the early detection and treatment of any potential issues. In certain situations where there is a heightened risk of tooth decay or pre-existing gum disease, more frequent follow-up appointments (typically every three to four months) may be advisable to maintain optimal oral well-being.

Protective Coating

A dental protective coating refers to a slim layer of safeguarding plastic material that is applied to the chewing surface of a tooth, particularly permanent molars. These teeth often feature deep crevices where bacteria can easily accumulate, potentially leading to the formation of cavities. Our goal in applying these coatings is to diminish the risk of cavities in young patients by sealing these natural crevices. Typically, these coatings are administered shortly after the permanent molars emerge and are reassessed during each subsequent review. Dental protective coatings constitute an essential element of an effective prevention program, complementing daily oral hygiene practices, a nutritious diet, fluoride treatments, and routine dental check-ups.

Night Guard and Protective Mouth Guard

An night guard (or occlusal guard) is a personalized acrylic appliance worn at night to safeguard teeth and dental restorations from the effects of teeth clenching and grinding. The dentist suggests an occlusal guard when there are signs of wear in the mouth.

A protective mouth guard is a device worn during sports, especially contact sports like boxing, hockey, football, water polo, basketball, and more. It notably decreases the risk and severity of impacts on the teeth, injuries to the soft tissues of the mouth, and jaw fractures.

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